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amazon highlihgts: Manufacturing & Supply Chain Turnaround

it usually wasn’t clever control systems that made the difference to the business.Formun Üstü
  Formun Altı
Springfield rife used in the American civil war. It was the first piece of machinery made with standard interchangeable parts.

In any 5S programme I have come across there never has been enough before photographs.Formun Altı

The 7 Habits are:
1 Be Proactive
2 Begin with the End in Mind
3 Put First Things First.
4 Think Win Win
5 Seek First to Understand then make yourself Understood.
6 Synergize
Sharpen the Saw ( Refine your skills)

The Works Manager does the job of the Production Manager, the Production Manager does the job of the supervisor, the supervisor does the job of the operator and the poor operator is not allowed to think.Formun Altı

non-financial metrics could be more important than financial metrics.Formun Altı

My goal was to get the team thinking for themselves rather than me telling them how to think.Formun Altı

The 5 Ss require you to keep the factory clean, well organised, tidy. A place for everything and everything in its place.Formun Altı

the plant would have to operate for less time and the operators would lose overtime. I took the decision along with the works manager not to cut overtime. We used the free time for:Formun Altı

Training in 5 Ss Training problem solving tools, Training in Kanban systems Kaizen Activities 5 S activities; cleaning, writing procedures, organising the workplace  Team WorkingFormun Altı

The major regret of this period was that not enough photographs were taken of the before condition, particularly with the floor area covered with packing material. Formun Altı

The works manager and I discussed the possibility of the maintenance manager and the production manager swapping jobs.Formun Altı

Due to the lack of analytical talent in Favorita at that time, I brought in two young engineers, who would be seen as non-threatening, to help with analysis and presentations.Formun Altı

If I had chosen other engineers who were keen to make a point for themselves, there would have been conflict and no buy in form Favorita.Formun Altı

Unless their ideas were crystal clear and backed with good numbers and engineering I would feign a lack of understanding. Then they would have to explain to me using standard problem solving tools (Fishbone/4M/Isikawa diagrams, 5 Whys, Pareto Charts/ waterfall diagrams etc).Formun Altı

The worst thing that can be done is for someone to sit down in an office and write all these procedures in isolation. The procedures had to be written by the people who used them.Formun Altı

About this time I read Jack Welch and the GE way. He had excellent criteria for whether “to keep someone” or “let them go” which I have paraphrased:Formun Altı

  •      If they are team players and they deliver results, keep them, invest in them, give them stock options.
  •      If they are not team players but deliver results then let them go.  21 st century managers must be able to “swallow their egos, blur their identities and work for the good of the company”. Turf wars are fought at the expense of some other area the company rather than at the expense of the competition.
  •       If they are team players but miss some commitments, they will get another chance probably in another area.
  •      If they are not team players and they are not performing well, then this is a no brainer.

No matter how well you calculate, a Supply Chain with high variability, you will either have high stock outs or high inventory or both.

The concept of this change was for the Flow Managers to be responsible for the smooth of materials to and out of the factories.Formun Altı

The Flow Manager had to be a “hands on” operational person.

A new position of Supply Chain Development Manager, with no operational responsibilities, was created to focus on improving the processes.Formun Altı

Although the Flow Managers were supposed to be hands on, action oriented, expediters, they were continually working on improving their processes.Formun Altı

Tangible Results:
Note: this is a prioritized make to stock type production TOC distribution solution is better than this suggestion 
leaders get the followers to believe in them and great leaders get the followers to believe in themselves”.

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