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TOCICO reference material availability

This is a letter from Jim Cox to create a TOC awareness. I have already shared his reference book lists. Now please find his email, title and some other reference material available in TOCICO website.


Please feel free to send the lists to others and linked-in communities for review and revisions. The master list is housed on the TOCICO website but you can use the list on your own websites to expand awareness of the TOC body of knowledge. If you identify any errors or omissions on the list please send them to Jim Cox at jcox@uga.edu. I update the list about every six month and submit it to TOCICO for inclusion and download by you.

You may also be interested in other TOC knowledge stored on the TOCICO website. We created 13 TOC portals for anyone’s learning and use. Located under the Success Stories tab on the TOCICO homepage or using the tabs below, these portals are:

 Basics of TOC Portal
 Finance & Measures Portal
 Government Portal
 Healthcare Portal
 Manufacturing Portal
 Project Management Portal
 Sales and Marketing Portal
 Service Industry Portal
 Strategy and Tactics Portal
 Supply Chain Portal
 Thinking Process Portal
 TOC, Lean, Six Sigma (TLS) Portal
 What is TOC Portal

Each portal generally contains 6 or 7 videos or webinars on the specific TOC topic including a basic workshop on that topic and a number of case studies with two portal exceptions. The What is TOC portal includes a presentation by Eli Goldratt on this topic and several videos illustrating the wide application of TOC across industries. The Basics of TOC portal includes 8 webinars on the basics of TOC in different functions and an overview workshop on What is TOC. Each portal also includes an annotated bibliography of all TOCICO conference and webinar presentations on that topic. Over 500 presentations on these and other topics including intermediate and advanced workshops are available on the website for members. These portals can be used to expand your knowledge of TOC and you may share them with friends, colleagues, clients, and please academics for use in teaching.

Best regards,

Jim Cox
James F. Cox III PhD
Professor Emeritus

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