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Bible - Quaran and Göbeklitepe

I have read Quaran and Bible already, noting the similarities (I need to mention that Quaran is more cruel thab Bible, there is punishment in Quaran but there is only love and patience in Bible).
I would like to read The old testament also (notice the names old testament is before Bible which is new testament)
Note again Mohammed is coming not to replace existing faiths but to complement them towards The Lord’s original sayings.
Perhaps there will be neither Jesus nor Mohammed be present in case jews managed to preserve the originality of old testament.
One interesting point is about a temple near Urfa named Gobeklitepe (link is below).
In wikipedia there is a quotation which undermines the sacredness as follows:
some of the T-shaped pillars have human arms carved on their lower half, suggesting that they are intended to represent the bodies of stylized humans (or perhaps gods).
Actually the described position is a standard praying position for müslims 5 times a day. Please note that this temple is the oldest one in the world and well before Moses, Jesus, Mohammed.
In Quaran Lord kept saying that since Adam it is the same rules but mankind used to spoil it and Lord keep assigning prophets.
Another point is among so many prophets Abraham is the most important one. Because after him Lord’s message appearde to emphasize “unique God” who is one and only and eternal.
Moses, Jesus and Mohammed are grandsons of Abraham. Moses told his people that there will be one more prophet, meaning Jesus.
Jesus did the same with his people meaning Mohammed.
Mohammed has no living son and guaranteed the originality of Lord sayings which eventually means there will be no more messiah!
Remember Mohammed was not literate when he has been assigned as a prophet and he conveyed a book full message by reciting which is a miracle to my eyes.
Please find 3 more links below for your information:
www.meryemana.info       shrine of Meryem Ana, holy place for Chritians, in our holy book Quaran there are chapters for Jesus and Meryem, hopefuly English is available, Turkey is the only seculiar country in Islamic World.
www.abrahamspathturkey.org   a very famous religious (for Christians, Jews, Müslims since Abraham is the common grandfather of all 3 prophets) pathway globaly, some of it is in Turkey.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGs1Mwvcrl4     video of kaaba which is not allowed to be seen by non-muslims

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