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amazon review: Epiphanized: Integrating TOC, Lean & 6 Sigma

Epiphanized: Integrating Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma
Epiphanized: Integrating Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma
by Bob Sproull
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars to the purpose novel and a very detailed appendix, leading advanced search on TOC, March 29, 2014
A very good comparison of Lean - 6sigma - TOC. Definetely better than its predecessor, Velocity.

The book has two main parts: Novel and Appendixes.

I was looking for a pace of mine and logical consequence and business environment relevance from the novel - it is OK
I was not expecting high quality literature like Tolstoy, Charles Dickens,... - It is OK

This book presents 3 methods as allies not rivals. Focusing with TOC and deep diving with Lean or 6sigma is a very reasonable strategy. It was enough for me to state it like above but anyway authors provide a detailed study reference for it.

This book enlighted me about cost world - throughput world views and then I have started to study Throughput Accounting also... I think having a theory in mind it is necessary to overview your business to reveal the opportunities first. In my case I need to choose not the best promising one but the least disturbing one for my colleagues. As you can notice you read a book but you have the chance to interpret it within your circumstances.

I did not follow drawings of thinking process not in It is not Luck or in this book. Because I do not feel myself competent to work with Thinking Process yet. I have summarized my thoughts on a piece of paper by the old way that I feel comfortable. I can simply assure you that it was similar to the drawings. I did not surprise because Goldratt keep telling "inherent simplicity & intuition" hence my way or your way or his way are all similar !!

This book opened a new blank page in front of me about project management. You do not need to be in construction business or defense industry for managing projects. In clothing Industry everey new season collection is a project itself. In a school end of term show is a project..

Appendixes were excellent. I found plenty of details. I have applied CDDP online course after reading this book.

Last note about a case study of socks producer. I do love it ! I have found several parts of my business in that study.

I love the book.

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