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amazon review: Orlicky's Material Requirements Planning 3rd Ed.


I am gratuated from Industrial Engineering in 1991. I am a product of old thinking school, ie aware of MRP I and heard about MRP II, that is all. Meanwhile things are changing in real life but not in universities. I have jumped in business and all I saw is simply the old school truth which is not matching with real life. All we have done is simply looking for more data, more accurate data, better and more expensive softwares, need to work more....

After reading Part 1 & 2 I have realized that things have been changed for a long while. Also I have understood that in a different territory old maps have no value at all.. These first parts are expressing "reasons".

In Part III I see that it is not enough to upgrade production only, we need a full alignment with a modern and better and more realistic perspective. In this Part almost all different aspects of a business revisited, opportunites have been listed and the need for a different approach is clearly demonstrated. This part is in between "reason" and "how to inspiration".

In Part IV a very detailed "how to" instructions are available. I have studied them and tried a spreadsheet early adoptation in my business. The results were surprisingly matching with the book, amazing ! This is the "action" part. I have attended a CDDP online course right after reading the book.

Frankly speaking, last Part is in favor of Demand Driven Institute way of approaching the core issues. There are some other alternative approaches and related softwares also available.

In today's volatile economy lean manufacturing is not able to cover all different types of businesses. We can not discard MRP logic. Orlycky's book 3rd editon shows a progress after a long time as MRP III and creating a synergy among Lean + TOC + MRP and led to rise of TLS (Theory of Constraints + Lean + SixSigma) methodology.

I strongly recommend the book for those who are not happy with current performance, looking for a real alternative and ready to study hard like a student since this book is not a novel, not an easy read and conveying a very challenging message for a better world.

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