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amazon review: TOC Handbook

Theory of Constraints Handbook
Theory of Constraints Handbook
by James Cox III
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $87.48

4.0 out of 5 stars Full spectrum and reference but ..., April 6, 2014   
I am in the beginning phase of TOC journey. I found a complete set of full spectrum and that was great for me.

I have scanned detailed reference lists at the end of each chapter and targeted some aother authors or books as well. This was great for me too.

Some chapters are full of definitions, academic and I could only skim them.

Some chapters are very enlightining and I have studied well with a pen and a lot of notes on the book ! Some parts led me to do my presentations in adifferent fashion and even changed my way of managing projects.

I wish this book could be traded chapter by chapter in a binding format for those readers to collect their own reference set. I know there is a possibility to do it on kindle but this is not a suggested format since there are a lot of detailed graphs, tables, figures,... and these sort of information is very difficult to grasp on kindle or even not displayed on kindle..

I have tried some of the links and found out some of them are running and some of them are not running..

I wish to have a very last section for marketing and opportunities list such as consultants, TOCICO, software developers, country contacts,... That would be helpful for those who are looking for an alternative. I would like to be registered in this way in a common website to get newsletters about recent issues...

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