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amazon review: The Choice

The Choice, Revised Edition
The Choice, Revised Edition

5.0 out of 5 stars Productive dialog covering 3 main industries case studies, March 29, 2014
This book changed my attitude towards life. I have started to consider everything at home, in schools, at work from this perspective. Now I know when I see a problem there is an opportunity as well. I am curious about the conflict hidden around the problem. Then I am trying to identify the back stage reality for the problem. Usually I can find a proper solution and unlike my past solutions based on comprimising these solutions are more win-win style. To me that is a good deal to read such a book.

I would like to mention 3 case studies in the book.
First one is about clothing industry and hit my target since I am in clothing industry. I have seen that there is a different possible way of working than ours. We could not agrre on that way yet in the company but I feel safer.

Second one is about bakery, perishables. This is also very nice case and I feel still closer to it since we do have very fashionable items like fresh food which has no meaning after 45 days....

Third one is FMCG distribution. This is also attracting for me since we work with distributers as well.

Hence I like the main massage and the way of question-answer conveying of the massage. This is not usual Goldratt novel style but I like it since it provided enough pause for me to answer the question by myself before him.

I love it.

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