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amazon review: It's Not Luck

It's Not Luck
It's Not Luck

5.0 out of 5 stars tuckling with the tree but not realizing the forest behind, March 29, 2014
This review is from: It's Not Luck (Kindle Edition)
We love to classify books and authors. There are conflicting views on this book but my brief classification is the book in thinhing process and author is genius.

We are not expected to learn thinking process, he is not trying to teach it in the book, thinking process might be seen unnecessary for adults but try to ask your teenager son/daughter "do you want to do your homework or not?" You will see the reaction, there is an answer but there is no clue what that answer will lead him/her in the distant future. Probably he would like to go out with his girl friend now rather than doing homework and two years later while all of his friends including his girl friend leaving the county for college he needs to stay in the town, work for the gas station,...

I like the novel style. This was one of my first readings about TOC and hence I am happy with light content, entertaining novel style. I grasp the main idea anyway. After reading the book I have tried to list my own UDE (undesirable Effects) and realized that my list was very well matching the list in the book. I know Goldratt has never worked in any manufacturing company but I am sure he has very good understanding about it.

I have started to be skeptical about forecasted sales and tried to implement replenishment in some pilot product families. We have started to discuss similar issues in management meetings for an overall awareness. Unfortunately not everybody likes to learn from a book which they do not know before, which is not in the same industry, author has no experience laike them,.. Now consider Henry Ford producing first automobile, somebody is announcing first mobile cellular phone, Steve Jobs is talking about iphone,... all similar stories. Something new especialy has some chance to be succesfull as per our own guts will scare us. That is it.

Root cause is very popular also in lean culture. You could remember it from even Freud "tell me about your childhood..."

Logical consequences have been built in our brain since high schools. Elemantary Sciences, Newton, Einstein,.. are all classified as in this persperctive. Not surprisingly Goldratt himself is from physics. After having some life experience we do know if we spark the match it will burn. If we drop it carpet get burned. If we did not put it up then kitchen is in fire....

This book is simply giving examples in business life. Some readers find Alex Rogo unbelievable.. I just simply take him as my hero and my guide in a fictional business environment. He is a friend of mine since The Goal and I do not prefer some other character to replace him..

I found enlightening the different views of customer and producer on pricing. Similarly having stock was safe in my eyes and I have discovered that having stock is an obstacle between me and my customer as well.

I love the book.

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