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amazon review: Leading Business Change For Dummies

Leading Business Change For Dummies
Leading Business Change For Dummies

 3.0 out of 5 stars Too big for a dummy !, March 27, 2014      
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This is a beginner book. After so many years experience most of the content is "built in" in our head. There are too much details. there are too many planning staff and creates a scary belief that "I am a dummy, I can not change anything" .

It could be organized in a very brief method of change and all the other staff will be backed as appendixes. Then it could be suitable to all level users to read conveniently. Even the dummiest one can peel off the onion to the final extend to acquire what he needed. Remember, I am dummy and you are expecting me to read and understand and implement hundreds pages !!

I admit there is enough "how to" guidance in the book but I also admit that I have started the book by READING, then SCANNING and then SKIMMING with a bad feeling of "this book doesn't deserve the payment, I could have chosen a better one"

I will never buy a new book from this series.

At least I have discovered I am less dummier than they are targetting :)

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