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amazon highlights: All I Need To Know About Manufacturing I Learned...

Progress Requires Change; If You Never Change, You Will Never Progress.Formun Altı

“We would inspect our work as we went along. We would undoubtedly make minor changes in our process, perhaps even in the design, as we proceeded.Formun Altı

We would learn to complement each other’s skills, style, and speed, thereby achieving a high-throughput balanced production process. I would expect the eighth shelf section to be designed and built better and faster than the first.”Formun Altı

The Wise Do Only What Needs To Be Done.Formun Altı

“Different priorities. We focus on reducing waste, not recording it.

We collect and analyze data real-time, or as close to it as possible, in order to make improvements.Formun Altı

But I would NOT use a computer to create unnecessary complexity and then create more computer systems to help me manage the complexity and analyze errors caused by the initial complexity.Formun Altı

“I would keep the planning systems simple, and I would not design complex systems for work-in-process tracking and reporting. Administrative complexity on the production floor adds no value to the product.Formun Altı

Your company sets prices to cover costs and add a profit margin. My company sells competitively, then reduces costs to make a profit.Formun Altı

No Mistake Is Fatal Unless You Make It So.Formun Altı

“More equipment provides backup only if it remains as spare. If it’s redundant. If you use it, you’ve actually INCREASED the probability of a problem. Statistically, the odds of something going wrong with one of six drills is higher than the odds of something going wrong with one of two drills. If you double the amount of equipment and tools in use, you must halve the failure rate simply to stay even.”Formun Altı

“A high-leadtime high-inventory factory requires investment in more than the inventory itself and the racks and pallets on which it is stored. It requires increased investment in tools and equipment to work on it, and in trucks, cranes, and hoists to move it. More things to go wrong. As I am sure you know, things always go wrong.”Formun Altı

Planning can be perfect — it’s all theoretical. Execution can never be perfect — it involves real people using real tools on real material. All we can do is minimize the opportunities for imperfections, and the effects of them.”Formun Altı

There’s Never Time To Do A Job Right But There’s Always Time To Do It Over.Formun Altı

Moving Fast Is Not The Same As Going Somewhere.Formun Altı

Systems people like everything about manufacturing except having to actually do it or get too close to it.Formun Altı

The Finest Carver Does The Least Cutting.Formun Altı

Darkness Is Merely The Period Before The Dawn Of A New Day.Formun Altı

You Must Give Up The Present To Have The Future.Formun Altı


1. PULL production stingily through the factory pipeline instead of mindlessly pushing material and labor into itFormun Altı

2. BUILD and SHIP rapidly to improve manufacturing productivity, rather than storing and moving inventory.Formun Altı

3. SQUEEZE TIME out of the cycle from order receipt through shipment by eliminating redundant tasks and tasks that do not contribute directly to output or quality.Formun Altı

4. IMPROVE product design to enhance manufacturability and provide increased functionality and reliability to the customer.Formun Altı

5. REDUCE per-unit consumption of purchased material and supplies.Formun Altı

6. REFINE the production process to promote simplicity and decrease resource consumption.Formun Altı

7. IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE manufacturing errors at point of commission.Formun Altı

8. SIMPLIFY information and control systems; integrate them efficiently with design and production.Formun Altı

9. COOPERATE and COORDINATE with suppliers and service providers to share knowledge and increase joint effectiveness.Formun Altı

10. STRIVE continually for incremental improvements in all activities involved with design and delivery of the product to the customer.Formun Altı

What Is Well Planted Cannot Be Uprooted.

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