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amazon review: Demand Driven Performance

Demand Driven Performance

Demand Driven Performance
by Chad Smith
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars for a better flow this books requires a leaner text with a larger appendix, April 21, 2014
As an industrial engineer M.Sc. and CDDP by Chad Smith I admit my view is not %100 objective.

If you are familiar to "new normal concept" either by reading or understanding or experiencing then I may safely tell you that this book could have been shorter.

If you are not familiar to "demand driven model concept" I may tell you that this book could have been longer to let you comprehend the concept.

I have read Theory of Constraints Handbook, Orlycky's 3rd ed, Measurement Nightmare, Throughput Accounting,.. and aware of new normal. I suggest you to read free white papers provided in demanddriveninstitute website before buying this book. I certainly suggest you to buy the book anyway but reading those papers before would prepare your mind for this challanging book.

Authors could have inserted their related chapter from Theory of Constraints to enrich the appendix at the end of book..

I do like the historical context starting with Taylor to today ending with Boeing case.

I do like the scientific approach to explain the new normal.

I do like linear (newtonian) and nonlinear system comparison. Evolution starts with linear, progresses as complex adaptive systems and ends with chaos !...

I definitely surprised to witness so many physics professors contributing to understand the world in a cascaded and evolutionary manner. I have never thought Newton from this aspect. I have never connected Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, ... with my business ever before. Now I can understand Goldratt as the father of Theory of constraints since he was another physics professor ...

I have impressed with Chapter 10 and 11 deeply.

I wish there are more examples in Chapter 11. I would like to read more about aligning priorities arising from different points.

Go for demand driven webinars after the book and have your chance to ask your questions to Chad & Debra online...

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