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amazon review: Enterprise Fitness

Enterprise Fitness

Enterprise Fitness

4.0 out of 5 stars epiphanized... just like a friendly chat with your elder brother.., April 16, 2014
A very good resolution of current reality in business cultural environment.

Everything is connected to natural cause-effect and bible. I am not sure that referring to bible for business purposes is convincing.

Our acts are more important than our says in the eyes of followers..

A very simple yet comprehensive formulation for leadership in transformation is presented. It is easy to find "own stuff" in the story. Very friendly written.

I used to consider "distruptive" as something annoying and realized that it has also a positive feeling, leading to interest, leading to communicate with others, honoring them, making us happy if conveyed suitably. Epiphany !!

I used to train, teach others.. now I see that I actualy lead them to learn together..

I used to focus on process and now aware that people is embedded in process..

Leaders must be accountable, there may be others to assist you but you can not delegate everything !

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