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amazon review: The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Managemnet

The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management: Everything you need to know and how to apply it to your organization

The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management: Everything you need to know and how to apply it to your organization

1.0 out of 5 stars misleading, incomplete, pretending..., June 22, 2014
I do NOT like the book, do NOT like the attitude.

The book is promising to clear all confusions about BPM, claiming that BPM is the best option to improve a company.

The book states that BPM has evolved from TQM-JIT-6sigma-Lean. That is not true ! BPM is an intermediate point in industrial economic history attempting to combine several previous efforts for better expectations.

There has been several stages in pursuit of perfection = continuous improvement in industrial business.
These efforts started with scientific management and followed by Ford's mass flow, GM's cost accounting, MRP, TQM, reengineering (BPM), 6sigma, Lean, TOC, iTLS.

The book is promoting BPM but there is no detail about how to implement it. There is no spesific method of BPM. There is a dream, good intentions but nobody knows how to go there.

There is a strong emphasis on process as is in Lean.
There is a definite need of management's support as is in all continuous improvement efforts.
There is a global view rather than local optimas as in TOC. TOC HAS NOT BEEN MENTIONED IN THE BOOK AT ALL !!
There is a claim to be employed by all levels in an organization as in Hoshin Kanri (alignment)of Lean.
There is a mark on cycle (customer-to-customer) as in Lean.
There is a demand for a dedicated team to facilitate improvements as in Lean (Lean Office), as in 6sigma (champions)
There are long lists of job descriptions for the team but there is no basic requirements listed.
There is a definite difficulty to find such caliber people or train them internaly.
There is NO FOCUS in the book which is a must to improve something fast as in TOC.
There is a strong emphasis on software which is contrary to Lean and TOC. It is not a surprise that people think that BPM is an IT Project.
There is continuous improvement as in PDCA of TQM, POOGI of TOC, kaizen of Lean, DMAIC of 6sigma.
There is a very intense bureaucracy as in ISO9000 and definitely it kills agility and not matching with the idea of continuous and fast improvement.
There is a list of possible questions but in that list there are no good questions such as:
* What is the bottomline benefit ?
* How much do I need to invest ?
* How long will it take to see the results ?
* What will happen in case my people could not digest it ?

BPM has no success record reported so far. It is over. iTLS is a better alloy of Lean-6sigma-TOC.
Go for Epiphanized book. Unlike to this one it deserves to be read.

Keep away from this book, save your time and money

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