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amazon review: Profitability with No Boundaries

Profitability with No Boundaries: Optimizing TOC and Lean-Six Sigma

Profitability with No Boundaries: Optimizing TOC and Lean-Six Sigma
by Reza M. Pirasteh
Edition: Hardcover

2.0 out of 5 stars poor cost/benefit ratio, June 19, 2014

I do not like the book.

There are several chapter wide repetitions.

It starts with an economic history but there is no depth. For interested readers I suggest Demand Driven Performance by Chad & Debra Smith. Hence you could see both chronology and reasons behind the facts even deep comparisons.

It is like a text book. It has two main sections: Management & Practioner. I could agree with the management section but no way with the practioner section. I frankly do not believe in that in a single book one can explain and inspire a practioner who is a total stranger to these concepts to implement either TOc, Lean, 6sigma or iTLS.

I suggest Epiphanized by Bob Sproull for iTLS approach. It is a novel with a very rewarding appendix section. It refers the study conducted by Pirasteh and explained in this book also.

I wish Pirasteh could explain more about the study of comparing TOC - Lean - 6Sigma - iTLS. That is a very interestiing and important study, results are very striking.

Anyway I do like two comments of authors:
1. About Toyota Production System : In an interview with Taichi Ohno, Ohno says "My sole purpose is simply to be able to sell more! All the methods, approaches,... are just means for this goal. I keep our facilities open to western managers but also keep distracting their focus to the methods rather than holistic approach"

2. iTLS as an alloy : There is a very good analogy about an alloy vs püre elements and iTLS versus TOc-Lean-6Sigma. An alloy is better than its püre elements from different aspects such as melting temperature, strength, conductivitiy, cost,... iTLS is a kind of alloy of püre elements such as TOC, Lean and 6sigma. As expected in a proper mix iTLS as an alloy will be better than its püre elements. 2,5 year long very detailed study reveals confirming numeric results.

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