23 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Self Improvement and TOC from Deepak Chopra's point of view with my comments

I would like to present a different view on "inherent" TOC.

I feel nature is flowing in an evolutionary path and converging to TOC in business as well as in private life (The Race / Goldratt simply states that managing constraint is enough to sucseed and leave all your available time to beloved ones)

I have read The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

Law 1: Pure Potentiality : In TOc we are aiming the best possible flow from our constrainted system which means realizing full potential !

Law 2: Giving : The Word "affluere" in Latin is the root of an English Word : "affluence" and surprisingly it means welfare, richness and similar to "flow" ! Another Word in English "currency" is very much similar to "current" again quite similar to our famous "flow" !! Deepak says "let the energy revolve to grow" which is inspiring stock turns and resulting turnover...

Law 3: karma or cause&effect : Future is the effect of today's choices. Today is a result of yesterday's choices. Think about cost centric World actions and their result in today. Consider if we do not switch to flow centric World and its consequences. Moreover Thinking Process of TOC is solely on cause&effect relations.

Law 4: Least effort : almost matching non-linear world's CAS and nature of constraint in TOC ! Moreover rather than fighting with variation, accept it and reduce its consequences, which is building buffers...

Law 5: Intention&desire : this is same as focusing on constraint and first exploiting it & then elevating it.

Law 6: detachment : no bias, free to try, ready to investigate.. this is a default behaviour of a CAS. Leave cost World behind and dive in flow World. As deepak says Luck is a combination of being ready and a rising opportunity. This is building DDMRP framework, buffers to sense and reflex accordingly..

Law 7: dharma or purpose in life : This is the goal in TOC.

I am amazed while reading a book from a totaly different literatüre and observing inherent convergence. I believe as in Darwin's natural selection (evolution) procedure mammuts (big organizations in cost World) need to evolve to TOC flow way to survive, this is a natural evolution path....

Natural tendancy of the World is towards higher entropy, resulting CAS. Consider an ecological system, all parts are interconnected, there is an invisible network, very few key receptors are driving all parts in a harmony... Consider millions of cells in human body and imagine the harmony, this is a higher form of CAS as well.

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