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amazon review: Necessary But Not Sufficient

Necessary But Not Sufficient

Necessary But Not Sufficient
by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars exaggerated, too optimistic and subjective, June 3, 2014
If you are aware of TOC Distribution Solution then you do not need to read this book at all.
If you are looking for something new about IT industry then this book will upset you.

I have read The Haystack Syndrome already and I could not find anything new in this book, just repetition.

I think nothing is as easy as described in this book. I have never witnessed any software or hardware implementation which brings bottom line results in just 2 weeks.

Frankly we are editing our bottom line related reports in every 3 months...

In our company we are stretching current MRP software to cover some aspects of TOC as explained in this book.

The idea of "paying whole chain per sale to end customer and based on raw material content" is very romantic and I have seen it before in Tough Fabric by J.Covington. This is very difficult to convince and implement in whole chain.

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