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amazon highlights: The Cheap Guide to Sustainability & CSR / Leo Raudys / 2016

the only truly sustainable economy is one in which resources are infinitely reused for some other purpose, whether it be through sharing, reuse or recycling.

Entropy being what it is, we may never reach a state of a fully circular economy

The main idea behind CSV is that a business can generate incremental value or wealth by placing social and environmental issues at the core of its overall business strategy.

socially responsible investing (SRI). The objective of SRI is to generate better returns by investing in companies that meet or exceed high standards of environmental and social performance.

Finding out what really matters to your business as it relates to your impact on the world.

Natural capital includes the geology, soils, air, water and all living organisms on Earth.

Global Citizen www.globalcitizen.org  Global NGO focused on fostering grassroots engagement on big challenges such as sustainability, poverty and inequality. Impressive mobilization efforts, particularly among millennials.

US Green Building Council (USGBC) www.usgbc.org Membership-based non-profit focused on promoting sustainability in the built environment. Owns and operates the LEED certification program.

Climate Counts www.climatecounts.org A collaborative effort to bring consumers and companies together to address climate change. Climate Counts issues a scorecard that evaluates the performance and commitment of companies working to reduce their impact on the Earth’s climate.

Sustainable Brands www.sustainablebrands.com Information resource and convener of conferences worldwide that are among the most well attended. Excellent resource, particularly for those who operate on the branding side of the business.

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) www.rila.org/sustainability/Pages/SustainabilityHome.aspx  Trade association for the retail industry. Operates a very active sustainability program for its members.

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