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amazon highlights: From Syptoms To Causes / Thorsteinn Siglaugsson / 2020

What distinguishes the Logical Thinking Process from most problem-solving and strategy formulation methodologies is its focus on rigorous cause-effect analysis, based on sufficiency and necessity logic, at all stages of the analysis. It leads us from the definition of the goal we wish to achieve, provides us with a rigid process to identify the roots of the undesirable effects we experience and expose the faulty assumptions and conflicts that often explain the existence of the root causes.

Logical Thinking Process is actually a very strong framework to enhance collaboration and improve communication. Deciphering the causality, unearthing false assumptions and removing the conflicts behind false paradigms; this is what the Logical Thinking Process helps us to do.

Using the Goal Tree to define the goal we strive for and what is necessary to reach it. The problem is a gap between what I want and what I have. We do this by instinct – there is a problem – we try to solve it. But the issue with this common approach is that we keep fixing the effects, not the causes, and often we don‘t really know if the solutions will work, we tend to skip the analysis and take shortcuts, very often without really knowing if they will work, let alone that they will address the real causes.

The Goal Tree is used to define the ultimate goal we want to achieve, define what critical success factors must be in place to reach the goal, and which necessary conditions must be fulfilled to achieve them. Goal Tree is demanding. The first challenge is to define the goal. Secondly almost everyone will at first have trouble with following the necessity logic of the Goal Tree. Using sufficiency logic to find the root of the problem.

We use the term undesirable effects for the issues. Why? Because very often, what we call problems, are not really the true problems. They are rather consequences of some underlying causes, which are the real problems: But often, a surprising proportion of the undesirable effects will have the same root cause. As long as a cause remains, we will not eliminate the undesirable effects it causes.

How to use a Conflict Resolution Diagram to structure and solve an underlying conflict
we must remember it is not enough for the assumptions to be factually true. They must also necessarily lead to the prerequisite. In other words, for the cause-effect relationship to be valid, it must be valid that only this tree can provide the shelter needed, and that no other tree can possibly be beautiful. An injection is an idea for a solution that solves the conflict. Distinguish between needs and wants. We want to have the tree, but it is the requirements that state our real needs.

Using a Future Reality Tree and a Prerequisite Tree to map the way forward
When constructing a Future Reality Tree, it is important to look for any negative effects that might be caused by the solution. The purpose of the Prerequisite Tree is to construct a step-by-step implementation plan for a part of the Future Reality Tree and unveil and handle the obstacles that are in the way.

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