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amazon highlights: Think Big and Grow Rich / Will Edwards / 2016

Principle of Honesty: to be open, honest and truthful in all your dealings.
Principle of Integrity: to endeavour to do what you think is right.
Principle of Loyalty: to stick by your friends and associates through thick and thin.
Principle of Fairness: to be even-handed and just in all your dealings.
Principle of Respect: to have appropriate regard for other people.
Principle of Accountability: to accept personal responsibility for your own life.

natural law is something that operates all the time and is always predictable. Just like the law of gravity, it is something that you cannot disobey.

a principle is something that you don’t have to obey. Sure, if you don’t, you have to suffer the consequences, that’s true. But, of course, you could choose to not obey the principle of honesty, for example.

The Law of Cause and Effect like causes always produce like effects.
The Law of Attraction we attract people and opportunity as a product of who we are, and how we behave. Usually stated as: like attracts like; meaning that, if you think positive thoughts, positive things generally turn up. Negative thoughts produce their counterparts too.
The Law of Karma (Sowing & Reaping) This idea is to be found in many religions. It is that you reap what you sow or, in more everyday language: what goes around, comes around.
The Law of Abundance (Increasing Returns) You may be familiar with the law of diminishing returns. Think about how easy it is to lose the first few pounds when you are dieting and how difficult it is to lose the last few – that’s the law of diminishing returns in action. But in success literature we encounter the opposite i.e. that success breeds success. As you become more successful, your results compound and they are become much easier to sustain – and that is the Law of Abundance.

you must always provide “more in use-value than you receive in cash-value” for each and every transaction in which you deal. This effectively means that you must be in some kind of business, in order to transact, and that you must ensure that the other party involved in each transaction always gets a good deal. This approach ensures that you will get repeat clients or customers and that word of your service or products will naturally spread as they tell other people about you.

The word Enneagram literally means model of nine.
Type 1 – Perfectionist/Reformer
Type #2 – The Helper/Giver
Type 3 - Performer
Type 4 – The Romantic/Individualist
Type 5 - Observer
Type 6 – Trooper/Guardian
Type 7 – Epicure/Dreamer
Type 8 – The Challenger/Boss
Type 9 – The Peacemaker/Mediator

Personality Attributes - Self Confidence - Positive - Optimistic - Amiable - Goal-Focussed - Committed to Excellence - Self Motivated

Three Principles of Money Mastery
First, you should always spend less than you earn.
Second, understand the difference between investments and liabilities and realign your spending, as far as it is reasonable, with the principle of purchasing investments.
Third, work on continually increasing your earning capacity

There are certain natural laws and principles that pertain to the achievement of success in life. The difference between a law and a principle is that you cannot disobey a law, whereas you can choose to disobey a principle, though, of course, you would also have to deal with the consequences of doing so.

Attraction (the Law of Attraction) is an important natural law and that means that it cannot be disobeyed. But unless you have been deliberately focussing your mind on the future you want to create, you will probably have so far been missing all the right connections. The way to correct this is to begin immediately to construct a detailed picture of the future state that you would like to become your reality. This will set to work subconscious processes that will operate to guide you toward success. You must also include, within your imagined future, specific goals that you can work on achieving, which are, essentially, steps along the way to the fulfilment of the big picture.

You can think of this as having two types of goals: outcome goals and performance goals. The six-figure income is an example of an outcome goal; the number of books I need to write is an example of a performance goal. You need to include both types of goal within your future picture.

The key to operating a successful business is to offer solutions to other people’s problems and to do so in such a way that the customer feels they have received a good deal.

You must stay committed to taking consistent action, making continuous strides toward your goal, whether it is the creation of your business or some other worthy goal, until it is finally achieved - this is the Law of Cause and Effect in action in which you are continually operating on the causes of success.

Remember that Rome was not built in a day and that any worthy goal you set for yourself is bound to take time and effort to achieve.

As you move forward, your results will compound i.e. success will become easier and easier – this is the Law of Abundance in operation in which success breeds success.

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