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amazon highlights: The 7 Keys to Success / Will Edwards / 2017

 1. Commitment
 2. An Open Mind
 3. Persistence
 4. Flexibility
 5. Faith
 6. Thankfulness
 7. Passion

CommitmentIt is the act of binding yourself, intellectually or emotionally, to a definite course of action. To live a truly successful life, you do need to first have a dream. To succeed, you must have a dream, or you may prefer to call it a vision, and you must completely commit yourself to its ultimate fulfilment - that is the essence of the mental creation. It requires you to take actions that are congruent with your wishes in order to translate them into reality, but the first step is to have that dream - your own dream, not anyone else's ideas about what is best for you in life - and then absolutely commit yourself to its achievement.

Openness: characterized by an attitude of ready accessibility about one's actions or purposes Receptiveness: willingness or readiness to receive - especially impressions or ideas. When you carry your own dream within, you too will be able to touch the hearts and minds of the people around you in much the same way and it is a truly wonderful and uplifting experience when you find out for yourself that the universe does indeed help you to achieve your goal.

Persistence: refusing to give up, especially when faced with opposition or difficulty; continuing firmly or steadily Persistence: the act of continually pursuing something in spite of obstacles. “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Translating your dream into a plan and then constantly taking actions, each and every day, that move you in the direction of your goal is what will get you there in the end. No matter how big you are aiming, you can succeed if you keep your destination in mind and then continually take actions that move you toward the goal. When you meet an obstacle, as you inevitably will, persistence determines what you will do; whether you will give up or keep going. Persistence is what gets you back on your feet, dusted down and ready to go again.

Flexibility: the quality of being adaptable Flexibility: a measure of the ability to respond to changes in demand "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." If you really want success, in whatever field of endeavour you are pursuing, you can have it - yes you can! But you need to be prepared to work for it - to do whatever it takes. Finding out and then doing whatever it takes, is the quality of flexibility.

Faith: acceptance of principles which are not necessarily demonstrable Faith: strong belief in something without proof or evidence. It is truly amazing what you can do when you believe in your own ability. That's why you need faith - a deep down, dogged belief that, regardless of the evidence, you are going to make it! You are going to achieve what you have set out to accomplish. You are going to make a difference in this life.

Thankfulness: a virtue and a dynamic - activates the Law of Attraction Gratitude: a positive emotion involving a feeling of indebtedness If you can learn to make gratitude a part of the way you live your life, you will be simply amazed at how the attitude of the people around you will change too.

Passion: strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal Passion: your heart's one true desire or the deepest desire of your heart  ‘show me a person who has never failed and I will show you someone who has never tried!’ God is much bigger than religion and he is in the business of personal transformation.

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