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amazon review: Manufacturing For The Real Bottom Line / David Ottenstein / 2011

Manufacturing For The Real Bottom Line
Manufacturing For The Real Bottom Line

4.0 out of 5 stars in between two different worlds: cost vs throughputNovember 21, 2014

The author has been stuck between cost world and througput world.
There are some chapters aligned with throughput world, focus, flow, global view,...
There are chapters aligned with cost world, local view, reductionism, cost saving, opposing targets leading disharmony,...
This book is a collection of several tools assuming the reader already knows the tools and setting stage to use these tools in a reasonable fashion to manage your organization.
Open computing chapter is really interesting, there is a real cost saving opportunity over there!
There are good examples about inventory (asset or liability), profit vs cash flow, unit cost fallacy, actual vs virtual cost.
I like the way of gathering financial and operational issues together for non-financial operetion guys.

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