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amazon review: Forget the Urgent / Matias Birrel, Javier Arevalo / 2012

Forget the Urgent!: Rather focus on the important
Forget the Urgent!: Rather focus on the important

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good story, to the point, covering full range of TOC, emphasizing balanced life & happiness, November 19, 2014    
I found full range of TOC in a novel.
Very well written, avoiding "novel cuteness", really focused on core of TOC.
Let me go through the book by chapters.
. starts with usual poor time management issues of us
1. important vs urgent
2. is there a single root cause for all?
3. can a software solve my issues ? WMS, ERP, forecasting,..
4. customers prefer discount rather "better forecast"
5. may be we are not ready to see the solution
6. customers wolud like to return unsold quantities, shall I accept them?
7-8. a solution is only required when there is a problem!
9. basics of evaporating cloud = conflict resolution diagram (TOC TP), root cause, constraint is management's time, engines of disharmony
10. inherent simplicity, holistic view, current reality tree (TOC TP), what to change?
11. throughput, building decisive competitive edge, solving the conflict
12. same coin but this time customer's perspective, defects of forecasting, significant need of a customer
13. principles of flow, why not lean, blue ocean strategy, what to change to?
14. min/max rule and forecast, distribution, central warehouse, reducing lead time, buffers, MOQ, replenishment in distribution and in production, dynamic adjustment of buffers
15. replenishment in production, small batches, single priority list matching with current buffer status, abolishing local efficiencies
16. clearing excess stocks from stores®ional warehouses to central warehouse, producing just to replenish,
17. capitalizing decisive competition edge, marketing vs sales, availability, win-win, benefits&risks for us &customer,
18. resistance to change, mermaid and crocadile and pot of gold, how to cause to change?
19. hard results 8numbers) are not enough, soft results (harmony, motivation) are also required, red-green curve, exponential growth, sustaining decisive competitive edge, dealing with uncertainity & complexity, practical science of management, Strategy&Tactics generic trees
20. not even the sky is the limit
21. TOC is all about people, harmony, happiness, better time management to get sharp results and stay at home with family, balanced life, inertia and POOGI (process of ongoing improvement)
22. managing flow+uncertainity+human relationships lead you to success

As Robin Sharma says:
Saying "I don't have enough time to read this book" is like driving a long range in a hurry and not stopping at gas station.

You'd better reserve some time to read this book. You deserve it. As in the planes "help yourself first and then your kid"

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