22 Eylül 2015 Salı

amazon review: The Story of B / Daniel Quin / 1996

The Story of B
The Story of B
by Daniel Quinn

4.0 out of 5 stars Earth is our home, not our resource. Responsibility belongs to past performance of countries...,            
The book is very close to POSITIVISM (addicted to science). The core message is identical to Ishmael, "save the World or else there will be no Earth anymore". I disagree to his view to Islam, I believe he has not researched enough to judge a religion. It might be the same for Judaism and Christianism as well. His objection is against institutions of religious, not religion itself.

I see similar approaches in Entropy by Jeremy Rifkin and current environmental activities and awareness. Unfortunately western countries have exhausted most of the earth's resources already but charging the cost to other countries now. They are, in my eyes, unfair to demand the cost of preserving environment from other countries.

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