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amazon review: The New Lean Toolbox / John Bicheno / 2004

The New Lean Toolbox, Third Edition
The New Lean Toolbox, Third Edition
by John Bicheno
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Good reference, somehow biased in favor of LeanJune 3, 2015
There is an existing approach to combine strengths of TOC, Lean and 6sigma. This approach is usually tagged as TLS (T for TOC, L for Lean, S for 6Sigma). In this book author tried to bring evertything into lean and called it as "New Lean". I found it strange since it is still the same old friend whatever you call it..

There is a great collection of techniques related to core principles throughout the book. Anyone trying to improve his business could benefit from this book. It helps you to diagnose your business and guides you to improve it. Then you have the chance to search more on selected required techniques which is a major shortcut .

As the name implies author has a bias favoring lean but anyway there are several notes on drawbacks of lean also.

This is a reference book, not a "how to" book. You need to search more according to your needs.

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