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amazon review: Synchronous Management Vol 1 / Srikanth & Umble / 1997

Synchronous Management: Profit-Based Manufacturing for the 21st Century
Synchronous Management: Profit-Based Manufacturing for the 21st Century
by Mokshagundam L. Srikanth
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars reference to starting point of DBR idea, but the concept has been evolved recently...., October 27, 2014 
Starts with a historical background. I like the comments about FORD, especialy in 1926 having a complete cycle from iron ore to finished car in just 81 hours!!!

There is a comparison between assembly system (push), JIT (lean, pull), MRP II (push) and DBR (TOC, push and pull). I like the interpretation of DBR classification as both pull & push.

There is a historical roots search for standard costing and comparison between cost accounting & Throughput accounting.

DBR is explained but since it is 1997 the latest version of theory is not present. For example in the book there are two types of buffers such as time and stock. Currently there are one more as capacity buffer and the next candidate is budget buffer.

I have noticed that the book refers to buffer content but as I watched Goldratt in videos he is talking about physical presence of partial buffer just before constraint.

Anyway, I like the book, will read 2nd volume soon.

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