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amazon review: Critical Chain by Eliyahu M.Goldratt

Critical Chain: A Business Novel
Critical Chain: A Business Novel

3.0 out of 5 stars starting point for critical chain, I suggest Epiphanized rather than this.September 21, 2014
Another socratic style of business novel by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. This one is not as attracting as The Goal.

I definetely prefer Epiphanized by BobSproull and Bruce Nelson. Epiphanized has not focused on Critical Chain only but the novel structure is definetly better than this book. Moreover Epiphanized has a detailed appendix section for interested readers.

Anyway there are good points still in this book:

It starts with the rebel idea: "only a young and fresh mind can see something different than us!"

Main problems of projects are summarized as overrun of either budget or delivery date or compromising the content.

Main reasons have been identifed as well: multi tasking, student syndrome, parkinson syndrome (implicitly described, not named, I bring the name from Epiphanized), inflated operation time estimates, poor methods of project progress monitoring, no resource dependancy or consention issue in usual CPM, PERT methods...

Usual 5 Focusing steps implemented and exampled.

At the end there is a rebel question: How do we rely on payback (time) or net present value (money) to assess a project ?
There is an anolgy of mass and velocity and derived concept of momentum (=mass X velocity) to assess the severity of a collision.

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