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amazon highlights: Get More Done In Less Time / Beau Norton / 2014

Intrinsic Motivation : If you focus more on the long term rewards and less on the current drudgery, you can much more easily motivate yourself to do unpleasant tasks.

Goal Setting : Setting goals is an extremely effective way to motivate yourself on a daily basis. Most importantly, write your goals down on paper so that you can read them every day. Be as specific as possible when writing your goals. Instead of saying something like “I will be a millionaire,” say “I will have 1 million dollars in my bank account on December 31, 2018.” Set both short and long term goals. The long term goals (1-5 years or more) will supply you with a steady, low-level motivation, while the short term goals will be able to provide you with high energy bursts of motivated effort. Start with goals that are very easily achievable for you, such as daily tasks that take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. The bigger the time frame for completing the goal, the more unrealistic it should seem to you. shorter term goals (1 day – 1 year) should be more realistic and easy for you to believe in. re-write your goals every single day. Goals don’t just give you something to aim for; they give you something to BECOME. You see, by reminding yourself of your goals every single day, you are literally programming your brain with the images correlated with your specific goals. When you BECOME what you desire, you will HAVE what you desire.

Visualization : law of attraction is: You attract what you think about (visualize) most often. We live in a world where “working hard” is praised and encouraged, but how far can hard work take us when our MIND isn’t right? how you think determines how you act, which invariably affects the results you. get in your life. Thought/Emotion > Action > Results. We, as humans, tend to attract into our lives the things and situations that we hold in our minds most often and with the most amount of detail, so it is safe to say that our goals can be more easily achieved by picturing them in our minds as already completed. If we do this on a daily basis and imagine our future selves with extreme detail, then it is absolutely possible for us to create exactly that which we desire. People who succeed tend to spend more of their time imagining what they desire and feeling the emotions associated with that image. People who fail tend to spend more of their time imagining the LACK of what they desire, and feeling the worry and disappointment associated with that image. It’s all in the mind. Learn how to think and ALL becomes possible…

Self-talk : Your priority is what you set out to do in the first place! Have integrity and finish what you start. This is what I want you to do the next time you get distracted by your thoughts: Stop, take a deep breath, and remind yourself of all the benefits you will receive by completing the task that you began. Productivity requires FOCUS. When you find yourself getting distracted, close your eyes and take one or more deep breaths. This will effectively “reset” your brain and prepare it to accept the coming motivational phrase or re-focusing thought. Follow the deep breath with a positive phrase of your choice that reminds you of your end goal and evokes the emotion of having completed the task before you. This phrase can be said silently or out loud, but it should be said with enthusiasm and passion. The tonality that you use will determine how effective the statement is for motivating you. The statement must remind you of your PURPOSE for doing the task in the first place, and this purpose must be significant enough to motivate you at least slightly. If you have absolutely no good reason to complete the task, why are you wasting your time? This may not work every time, mostly because the mind is not an easy thing to tame, but continue to practice recognizing distracting thoughts when they come up. The more aware you become, the more power you will have to consciously create your life and get stuff done!

Time Management:
Morning Routine :
Here are a few things that you might consider incorporating into your personal routine: *Exercise (highly recommend) *Healthy meal (highly recommend) *Meditation or breathing exercises (highly recommend) *Writing or Journaling Reading Listening to audio books *Expressing gratitude . Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to incorporate too many things into your morning routine right away. Start with one thing at a time (10 minutes of exercise perhaps), and then add something else after 30 days or so. Remember, how you start your day is how you end your day. Start your days off in a productive way so you can go to sleep every night feeling satisfied and hopeful for the days to come.

Eliminating Distractions : consider eliminating some distractions from your life if you plan to become a happier and more productive person. A few simple changes to your work environment can make all the difference. first suggestion would be to make sure that your work environment is clean and tidy. If you work in an office, then keep your desk neat and organized. Before you leave your office for the day, spend 5 or 10 minutes to tidy it up so that you can be more focused and productive to start the next day. next suggestion – a very important one to consider – is to remove all distracting technology from your work environment. Did you know that when a person is distracted from their work, it takes on average 20 minutes for them to regain focus and get back to what they were previously doing? 20 minutes of lost time adds up very quickly. If you want to get more done, your work environment needs to be free of the beeps and buzzes of modern technology. People can be some of the worst distractions. A simple “hello” can turn into a 15 minute conversation. Make sure people know not to distract you when you are working. Politely tell them that you will be unavailable between certain hours that you’ve chosen.

Productive Time Blocks : The 50-10-50 method is designed to synchronize your periods of productivity with the natural cycles of your mind and body. Using this method, you would simply work for 50 minutes straight, take a 10 minute break, work for another 50 minutes, and then take a 30-45 minute break. Repeat this cycle as many times as needed to complete whatever task you are working on. The reason that you work in 50 minute time blocks is because the mind cannot focus for much longer than that before it requires a rest. 10 minutes of rest is plenty to restore the mind to full capacity, however, that 10 minutes must be spent resting, not filling your mind with more distractions. During the 10 minute rest interval, take some deep breaths, relax, and try to think about pleasant things, or nothing at all. If you spend this time in deep relaxation, the next 50 minute work interval will go very smoothly. During your 30-45 minute rest (after two 50 minute sessions) is a good time to check your email, cell phone, and whatever else you need to tend to, but it’s important to not allow those things to interrupt you during your 50 or 10 minute intervals. The 50-10-50 method is perfect for maximizing productivity, because it limits distractions and maximizes focus by providing adequate rest periods. You may enjoy the 90-30 method if you are better at focusing for longer periods of time, but many people find it difficult to work for 90 minutes straight with a clean focus. It really works. Why does it work so well? Because it forces you to focus and be consistent. These 2 skills alone will take you far in life, and the 50-10-50 and 90-30 methods are two of the very best for honing them. experiment with both the 50-10-50 and 90-30 methods. Compare the results from each and decide which one is most effective for increasing your productivity and allowing you to keep your stress levels low.

Creating Incentives : There are two extremely effective ways to use incentives to drive you towards your goal: reward systems and fear systems. Pleasure and fear are the greatest motivators. Fear pushes you forward. Pleasure pulls you. Both are effective. Using one or the other will help you reach your goals faster, but using a combination of both is recommended.

Reward Systems : Reward systems only work to motivate you if the reward is earned and you genuinely feel that you deserve it. Having a reward system set up for yourself will make you actually want to be more productive, because you know that you will be rewarded for it. It’s a great way to motivate yourself to do unpleasant tasks. The “pleasure” of the reward makes the “pain” of the task worth it. the reward can only be received when the task is completed. It cannot be awarded to you for any other reason, or else it will lose all its power to motivate you. Humans are naturally programmed to pursue pleasure. That is why reward systems work so well, however, there is something that is even more motivating than pleasure…Fear.

Fear Systems : Did you know that humans are twice as likely to move away from what they fear as they are to move towards what they desire? To use fear as a motivator, it will help to have an accountability partner. This person should be someone that you trust. They will ensure that you stick to your word and follow through with what you say you are going to do. You can use the fear of losing money to motivate yourself to achieve almost any goal, and this is how you do it: Go to your accountability partner, tell them your goal and the amount of time you are allowing yourself to complete it, and then write them a blank check for $1,000 (or an amount that you would be extremely scared to lose). Tell the person that if you do not have your goal completed by the specified time, they should go to the bank immediately, cash the check, and spend the money on themselves. Make sure the person knows that under no circumstances should they give the money back to you, unless the goal is achieved in the allotted time. How’s that for some motivation? Do this for all the important tasks or projects that you need to complete, and you will never miss a deadline or fail to reach a goal again. Fear is the best motivator. Use it! You don’t have to use money, although it is probably the most effective tool for creating motivation from fear. Another great motivator is the fear of embarrassing yourself in public. For even greater results, use the power of fear and pleasure combined. Punish yourself (in a healthy way) when you fail to achieve your goals, and reward yourself when you achieve your goals on time. If you use fear and reward systems consistently for all your goals, you will find yourself receiving far more rewards than punishments.

Publicizing Intentions : Another simple yet powerful way to motivate yourself is to publicize your intentions. In other words, tell as many people as possible about what you plan to do.

Building Momentum : Momentum is a powerful force. Once you start to gain some, you’ll take off at a high rate of speed. Building momentum involves something called the “law of compounding,” which states that one thing performed over and over again will create a “snowball effect” that leads to exponential increases in all that is involved, whether it be achievements, income, spiritual or physical growth, or all of the above.

Reframing Beliefs : Faith is synonymous with “belief.” It is very crucial that you believe in your ability to achieve all of your goals and grandest desires. Nothing great was ever created without belief (faith). spend a small amount of time every day alone and in silence. don’t take your thoughts too seriously. Since your negative thoughts really never serve you anyway, simply choose to let go of them and replace them with more positive and empowering thoughts.

The Small Things:
The small things make all the difference. The journey to the mountain top begins with a single step upward. Of course, keep the image of the larger goal in mind, but focus the majority of your attention on the tasks you can complete now. The present moment is all you ever have, and it’s where all the magic happens.  “6 Wins.” Simply put, it is a series of 6 small tasks that I perform on a daily basis no matter what. These tasks take me less than 2 hours per day to complete, and 3 of them take less than 5 minutes each. Committing myself to completing all 6 of them every single day has increased my productivity dramatically. Your “6 Wins” don’t even need to take 2 hours to complete. They can be as small as you’d like them to be, as long as they are things that improve your life in some way. Please take some time today to sit down and plan out your 6 wins. You should start with simple tasks that you know you’ll have no problem completing. You can add to the list over time as you create new habits.

Mastermind Groups : You can surely achieve great things all by yourself, but your journey will be much easier if you allow others to help you. Two minds working in harmony is always better than a single mind. Cooperative effort can yield incredible results that would take one person at least twice the time to accomplish. Finding like-minded people that have similar goals will help you greatly. Ideas will spread and ignite new ideas in the minds of everyone involved. A group of like-minded people working towards similar goals in a cooperative effort is called as “mastermind group,” and you should consider creating or joining one. A mastermind group can contain as few or as many people as you’d like. Your group should meet at least once every couple weeks to discuss new ideas, give suggestions and input, share goals, and support each other. Structure the group in a way that allows everyone an equal opportunity to share with the group. You will find that sharing with and hearing from others that share your interests is a great way to inspire and motivate yourself to achieve more. Never think that you can do it all alone. At some point, no matter who you are, you will need the help of other people in order to achieve your goals. Better to gain that support in the beginning rather than scrambling to find it when you really need it.

Enjoying the Process : Life is a journey, not a destination. No matter how far you get, you will always want to go further, so you might as well enjoy every step.

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