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amazon review: Deming & Goldratt / D.Leopore, O.Cohen / 1999

Deming and Goldratt
Deming and Goldratt
by Domenico Lepore
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars 5 focusing steps plus basic TOC understanding is enough..January 12, 2015
Deming is the common denominator between Lean, 6sigma and TOC. In this book main concepts have been emphasized and presented as a guide for implementation. Frankly it is not too much different than ordinary 5 focusing steps with an understanding of TOC flavour.
Here is the decalogue:

1. establish the goal, units of measurement, operating measurements
2. understand the system
3. make the system stable
4. identify constraint, carry out 5 focusing steps
5. implement buffer management
6. reduce variability of constraint
7. create a suitable management structure
8. eleminate external constraint, sell the excess capacity
9. bring the constraint into the organization whenever possible
10. set up continuous learning program

I think reading this book is fun, not reading is not a big loss..

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