15 Aralık 2014 Pazartesi

Review: DIY TOC Manufacturing / Rajeev athavale


This book is a part of three books series to guide easy implementation. It is designed solely for MTO. I think most of the production environments are a mix of MTS and MTO. They are evolving to MTA and MTO. It is a drawback fort he book in terms of real applicability. Rope concept has not been explained clearly. Both DBR and S-DBR has been mentioned. Dynamic buffer management guidelines are not enough to judge for a beginner on his own. I also disagree to manage product mix as throughput per constraint minute concept when the constraint is in the market, ie you need to consider throughput only. POOGI by red zone crossings concept has not been mentioned as well.  It emphasizes the use of spreadsheets but I prefer to align current software according to these principles. At the end of the book there are a bunch of relevant softwares listed. Please refer to Manufacturing at Warp Speed, Supply Chain at Warp Speed books by Eli Schragenheim.

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