15 Aralık 2014 Pazartesi

Review: DIY TOC Distribution / Rajeev Athavale


In this series there are three books; Distribution, Manufacturing, Projects. These books have not been designed to teach TOC. These are full of practical details and to do lists for an easy start up. Author kindly suggesting TOC well known reference books, web sites, videos for more. At the end of the book there are a bunch of relevant softwares listed. I like the simple survey in the beginning to test “Do I need a TOC solution?”. I also liked the short story animation of a traditional company year end meeting, forecasting, revising forecast, working hard, revising forecast, blaming each other, revising forecast,…. I prefer a snapshot of current situation as per current parameters rather than TOC parameters. I think having a seperate section for Regional Warehouse on top of Central Warehouse is a pure repetition. It is a pitty that in the book the need for return excess SKUs to CWH issue has not been mentioned at all. One other pitfall is the unmentioned management of long tail (SKUs which are not selling more than one a day). There is no seasonality adjustments neither.. This is a very very basic case and not matching to reality as we live in. Please refer to Isn’t It Obvious? By E.M.Goldratt, I bet you learn more and if you are practical enough you will find all you need to go for live…

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